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About this research

The statistics around how many Digital Transformations fail are incredible: Only 1 in 3 are successful. Given how much time, money, and effort go into these programmes - as well as how critical they are during the current pandemic - this is astonishingly bad news. We were left scratching our heads about how this is so consistent and what could be done about it.

We decided to commission a nationwide survey, in partnership with YouGov, to understand why so many digital transformations fail and what could be done to help organisations reverse this trend.

The answers we found were simultaneously damning and encouraging. We learned that, despite the rhetoric, most transformation is ‘done to’ the people in an organisation rather than ‘done with’ them.

We can kid ourselves that we’re doing enough with change management programmes that attempt to bring people along but the truth is that, once these programmes end, most people are left with a day-to-day experience that fails to drive real change.

The real secret to success lies in giving people tools that are easy to use, drive the right behaviour, and unlock the true value of an organisation’s data.

Our research paper will give you the practical steps you need to take to shift from the established mindset to a ‘design-led’ approach to transformation that will double the likelihood of successful implementation.

Some of the findings from our research:

Only 10% of workers said they or their colleagues were consulted at all in the design process – and even fewer were actively involved.

Half of the time, the digital tools created during a digital transformations make no difference or actively harm people’s ability to do their jobs.

Over half of working people would leave a job due to having to use poorly designed digital tools.

Reaction to this research

“In all the transformation programmes I’ve been involved in, this has been criminally neglected. It’s about time we changed our thinking and this research is a great way to kick off the conversation.”

Mick Lock - The Chemistry Group

“Awesome piece on people-centred design, it really speaks to me and highlights challenges I live through on the daily. I particularly like that it focused on a pain-point so many companies experience.”

Sarah Iveson - Syngenta

Meet the authors

Phill Bolland


Phill has spent the past decade working with a number of consultancies, large organisations and start-ups, leading on the innovation of digital tools that help improve productivity and unlock significant financial improvement. In doing so, he has helped some of the UK’s largest organisations design the technology at the heart of their successful digital transformations.

Adam Yaya-Durrant


Adam’s background in User Interface design and extensive experience in making the tools an organisation uses easy and enjoyable to operate has helped some of the UK’s largest organisations make successful digital transformation possible and realised millions in operational improvements.

Cliff Fitzpatrick


Cliff has spent over 30 years delivering large-scale technology implementation programmes for IBM, PWC, and KPMG. He previously led KPMG’s technology practice in the UK and currently sits on the boards of a number of innovative start-ups in automation, machine learning, and emerging tech.

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