Using design science to help your people work smarter

It’s your team who feel the frustrations with your current tools, which means they know the solutions.

Our rigorous scientific process draws these out and brings them to life.


Work Smarter Analysis

Pricing from £30k


Undertake a detailed analysis of your existing tools, data and people to uncover the exact problems impacting your productivity.


Get an actionable plan that pinpoints how to improve your digital tools, either by partnering with us or taking things forward yourself.

UI benchmarking

Benchmarking your existing UI design against YaYa’s leading practice and your competitors.

Google Design Sprints

A two-week collaborative workshop of rapid prototyping, target user testing, iterating and repeating.

Technical feasibility evaluation

Validating everything we do so it’s feasible and scalable.

User testing your current tools

Recruiting target audience users to rigorously test what works, and what doesn’t.

Analysing your existing data

Interpreting heatmaps and analytics to find hidden trends to address.


Creating the new tools

Pricing: Linked to your project value and the results we achieve together


Design your bespoke digital tools using all the findings from your Work Smarter Analysis, helping your people work more productively.


Get user-tested and validated prototypes that are ready to develop.

1. Innovation

We use the detailed research and analysis from our Work Smarter Analysis to go back to first principles and design the solution to your specific productivity challenges.

2. User Experience

Once we have a clear understanding of the right solution for your challenges, we focus on making it a joy to use so that it has the right impact on your organisation.

3. User Interface

Finally we hold ourselves to the highest standards of visual design, making sure the tools your people use at work feel as slick as the apps they use for everything else.


Digital Development

Pricing: TBC


Support one of our trusted development partners to build out our designs into your finished digital tools.


Get intuitive digital products your team love using that help make their work easier and more productive.

Our development partners

Tried, tested and trusted to turn our designs into exceptional tools your team love to use



Our expert design specialists support your internal team, helping to set the project direction, manage the process and oversee progress.

2-3 months

Onsite specialists

Augmenting your team with UI and UX design specialists, immersed in your project and business. Equipping you with the mindset, methodology and skills to confidently overcome future challenges.

6 months +

Full delivery

You’ll work with our world-class team of UX and UI designers, data analysts and technicians and project managers. Through our collaborative process and design methodology, we enhance your tools, skills and business to create lasting value.

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