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Your startup deserves a website that matches the quality of your vision. Our website design for startup service combines stunning visuals with user-friendly design, making your online presence effortlessly effective.

Yaya transforms complexity into simplicity, ensuring your website resonates with your audience and making your startup shine online.


Our Proven Process for Successful Startup Website Design

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Step One: User-Centric Design

We place your users at the forefront. We delve deep into understanding your target audience, their needs, and behaviours. This insight drives our design, ensuring your startup website is a perfect match for your audience. We aim for simplicity and intuitiveness to make your website user-friendly, engaging, and a true reflection of your brand.

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Step Two: Collaborative Workshops

Collaboration is the heart of our process. We conduct collaborative workshops with you to align our vision and strategy. We believe that your insights are invaluable, and we ensure every step resonates with your startup's unique identity. This workshop approach fosters a strong partnership, turning your ideas into a brilliant, functional website.

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Step Three: UX/UI Design and Webflow Development

We craft the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of your website. Our team combines stunning visuals with user-friendly design, ensuring your site is a captivating online presence. We build the website using Webflow, harnessing its powerful capabilities for a smooth, responsive, and highly functional site.

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Step Four: Empowerment with CMS

At Yaya, we're not just about today; we think about your future. That's why we hand over a Content Management System (CMS) to you, giving you complete control over future updates. You can make changes, add content, and keep your startup website evolving without the need for technical expertise. It's all about giving you the power to manage your online presence effortlessly.

Pricing Options

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Perfect for just getting started
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The sweet spot for ambitious early stage start-ups
Website Plus
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For scaling businesses
Website Discovery Workshop
Market Testing
User Research
Competitor Analysis
User Testing
Template Customisation
Pages/ Templates
On-site SEO
Analytics Setup
Privacy and GDPR Compliance
Content Management System


Choose the package that suits your needs.



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Transforming Ideas into Successful Products.

Transforming Ideas into Successful Products.

Transforming Ideas into Successful Products.

Transforming Ideas into Successful Products.

Transforming Ideas into Successful Products.

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